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build things to last a long time....

Whether it is hardware or whether it is software, my designs have longevity in mind. From the brick and mortar foundations in construction engineering, to the highest pinnacle in software endeavors, I have always striven to anticipate engineering exceptions to mainstream reality and then I have always designed fault tolerant, error correcting handlers for those anticipated exceptions.


My Philosophy

It matters not if the structure is designed in an environment that has seismic, cyclonic, or vortex active regions, nor does it matter if the structure is designed for software applications in an environment where viruses, hackers, and intellectual thieves thrive, where possible, I design my systems for fault tolerance.

My Statement

This interactive resume will acquaint you with my accomplishments since I began working as a Herald Examiner paper boy back in the 1960's in the Hawthorne/Inglewood, California, vicinity in Los Angeles County.

I now have earned a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington with a GPA of 3.46. With intentions to take my most recent accomplishments in virtual hosting server/client software design into a PhD dissertation for electrical engineering at the Howard Hughes School of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (i.e. UNLV).

And here's my declaration of membership in the Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi to prove it.....







In fact, when you read Adrian Havill's book about Christopher Reeve, Man of Steel (1995), you will learn that Christopher Reeve 's biographer utilized DOROTHY WOLFE to provide most of Christopher Reeve's family tree information as parallel delineated in this website by Robert Battle dedicated to Christopher Reeve's surrogate family tree. That 1995 book by a UK transplant to here in America led me later to discover why Dr Wolfe certified the mental competency of our mutual ancestral maternal DNA provider, Doris Duke, during her 05 April 1993 Cedars Sinai "will" signing.....It turns out that George Washington grew American Tobacco Products long before Buck Buchanan Duke helped to create British American Tobacco. Ergo, Christopher Reeve and myself were noted by "insiders", as the two "Gold Dust Twins" of British American Tobacco's God Mother: Doris Duke (and/or her daughter, Arden Duke, who did not die but was faked dead by the OSS/US Army).

His photo below was taken in his 1978 "Superman" movie where my USN Identity Photo was taken in the late 1970's. Note the identical facial biometrics!











We were code-named by General Eisenhower's American Military, Cain & Able. Literally, from Genesis Chapter 4.

Note that my social security number on my military identity card ALSO encodes, encrypts, that I am part of the American Genesis "program" known as

Cain & Able,

where my SSN ID number references me as

562-xxx-xxxx (i.e. 5+6+2=13, part of the original Book of American Genesis, part of the DNA used in forming our original 13 Star Colonial American Charter of George Washington)

and where my SSN ID number additionally references me as

xxx-04-xxxx (i.e. for the Book of Genesis Chapter 4)

and where my SSN ID number additionally references me as

xxx-04-89xx (Genesis Chapter 4 verses 8 & 9 encoded in forward order as if I had been slain by my "big brother" Cain-the-not-chosen-one=Christopher Reeve)

as well as via Time&Space reversal,

xxx-04-xx43 (Genesis Chapter 4 verses 4 & 3 encoded in reverse order as if I had anticipated his murderous intent, and "reversed-the-tables" upon him, preventing him from murdering me, first, and from murdering all gentiles on earth, later!).

Christopher Reeve was very jealous of me, obviously, because I was selected, not him, to become the ID of George Washington. Remember, now, George Washington led by example and ordered in his "will" that his negro "slaves" shall be set free. So you draw your own conclusions why Abe Lincoln, later, complied with America's First "God Father" will that nobody, in America, shall be a "slave". Cain-the-not-chosen-one=Christopher Reeve frequently associated with very criminal, narcotics addicted, underworld negroes. Trying to manufacture himself as one of the "brothers". Richard Pryor (cocaine hair on fire), OJ Simpson, and "others", were amongst his New York underworld "friends". He wanted me dead and he wanted to pretend to be Abe + L = Abe Lincoln doing so.

So when Cain-the-not-chosen-one=Christopher Reeve faked his paralyses and later "...rose up..." from his wheelchair and shot dead his little brother during his 21 May 1995 movie, ABOVE SUSPICION, he and his follywood choreographers carefully, with pre-meditated intent, telegraphed his intention, then, to implement the Cain-slays-Abel theology logic of Genesis 4:8 (."...And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him..."). His dramatic movie role of pretending to be paralyzed Detective Cain the corrupt police cop, later "...rose up...." from his wheelchair to shoot his little police affiliated brother dead, was not a mistake. He KNEW what he was telegraphing.

A "hit contract" upon me, Abel.

And he was gonna do the "hit", himself.

So while the ABOVE SUSPICION movie theme used two police related brothers, with Chris Reeve playing the lead role as Detective Cain, cleverly plotting to murder his little brother, with both brothers working for some California Police Department, it cleverly weaved in the theology logic that the older brother (even though faked paralyzed) became jealous because his little police officer brother began having an adulterous affair with his wife. Therefore, ipso facto, "justifying" the big brother murdering the little brother. I've been celibate since 1985 and I never met Christopher Reeve's wife. I ain't dead, yet, because my friends in that 'herd' of American George Washingtonian 'sheep', know that I am Abel the Good Shepherd and the only man alive standing between them and the wolves-in-sheep's-clothing desiring to slaughter them all upon my murder by my 'big brother', Cain-the-not-chosen-one=Christopher Reeve.....












Larry Leroy Wolfe



































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