Using an anagram phrase that she did not decipher, Buck Buchanan Duke told his daughter, Doris Duke, "Trust No One", because he knew that there existed a space time Mega Galileo IQ in his future upon which "Trust On One", or "E pluribus unum" would be fulfilled.

An American Patriotic IQ that could decipher Buck Duke's clever anagram phraseology upon noting in 1975 that he was the one located, exactly geometrically, inside a US Naval Aviation Warbase, Millington, Tennessee, 2-4 mile diameter circular array of Thundering Rumbling Flashing Pillar Clouds lit up like electromagnetic lamps standing almost 5,000 feet tall each...

Since I was born on Duke Founder's Day, October 3, 1955,
that makes me the big cigar upon whom
"TRUST ON ONE" was invested.
The Cornerstone.

To read a parable of what happens to those that try to embezzle another's investments, go here:
Wicked Vinedressers.

I'll be looking forward to my TRUST to be distributed to me without strings attached since the trustees now know I know who they are.

RIP: Chicago, Illinois, Henry Hyde (b: Apr 18, 1924, d: Nov 29, 2007)
RIP: NYC, New York, William F. Buckley Jr (b: Nov 24, 1925, d: Feb 27, 2008)

RIP: Beverly Hills, California, John Charlton Carter (a/k/a Charlton Heston, b: Oct 4, 1923, d: Apr 05, 2008)