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MILSTAR Satellite System: http://www.af.mil/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=118

Part of the Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN). Assigned by Imelda Marcos negro affiliated, Fred Dual, of Dual and Associates [then "consulting" for Joe Link inside Booz, Allen, and Hamilton] to read SI-1135 and to familiarize myself with the complexities therein. Assigned by Imelda Marcos affiliated negro, Fred Dual, of Dual and Associates [then "consulting" for Joe Link inside Booz, Allen, and Hamilton] to read TE-1390 and to familiarize myself with the complexities therein. Combined with my college engineering interests in enrolling in a satellite course at florida institute of technology [withdrawn from due to schedule conflict on other courses], the assignment by Fred Dual then reporting to Joe Link of Booz, Allen, and Hamilton [Carl Hinger, Clark Stroup, Gary Mather, Mike McCullough, in that order up the chain of command] was completed. Attended MILSTAR related briefings at Hughes. Was given materials from Raytheon by NavAirSysCom Civil Servant, Fred Hall, to read in his offices to familiarize myself with the MILSTAR vendor's design approach. Obtained from Bill Lawrence of CEID, Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (BA&H), a classified video on the MILSTAR system. His 'underling' I worked with, Mr Menish, promptly scrammed to TRW. Another 'underling' bragged about his ex-CIA 'credentials' and apparently tried to set me up with my 'access' to this interesting Milstar system. That 'ex-CIA' underling is now a soviet mole suspect since I have already helped to catch soviet-mole, FBI-Counter-Intelligence, Robert Hanssen. What goes around, comes around you 'rodent sneaky zionist ex-CIA' mole.....Lions never forget which 'rodent' was where, when, why, and 'how'....I gave the Milstar video to Herb Silverman of Booz, Allen, and Hamilton (himself hired as a 'consultant' and himself hired by Joe Link, Carl Hinger, Clark Stroup, Dr Gary Mather, and Mike McCullough) who promptly showed it to Naval Air System Command, Air-05 Tacamo Chief, Earl Mills. It's interesting to note that after Christopher Boyce [the TRW 'spy'] was released from prison, he promptly married Ms Mills. Suggesting a "network' of sorts with Earl Mills, Herb Silverman, and my older identical twin brother, Christopher Reeve --

whose CPA Mr Schneidman, used his daughter's marriage to the Irish Bloom Family of Admiral Capone's (BA&H) Executive Secretary, Ms Bloom, by way of Rabbis Silverman --

with ulterior motives when I was lured by a Beverly Hills, California, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) accomplice of Rod McIntyre in Jax, Florida, and 'hired' by Booz, Allen, and Hamilton via her/his intermediary, Cal Miller, interfacing with Herb Silverman, Fred Dual, Al Robbins, et al, to be 'framed' the way I was so easily 'framed'.

I thought these people were in charge of National Security because they hired me. I had no idea they were using me as a fall guy to credential Christopher Reeve, not me, as being 'more patriotic' towards America whilst trying to help 'Israel' to bankrupt America and blow us up after they stole as much loot as possibly could be stolen before they got caught as a criminal state..........From MILSTAR specifications and other meetings, clarified misconceptions of the system to US Navy clients tasking me to evaluate the system. What did I know about geo-political machinations? I was a former enlisted sailor, cub-scout to boy scout, and finally US Miltary who had un-questioning 'faith' in the chain of command above me that they knew what they were doing when they ordered me to work for them.

Practically memorized everything in the specifications and later used from memory, my engineering design techniques to make improvements to the then state-of-the-art constellation. In my head.

After joining Boeing, I conceptualized my memories of MILSTAR to a Patent Notebook which Phil Condit [then as a VP in Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company reporting to Dean Thornton as President of BCAC] obtained and signed a Boeing Patent Notebook receipt for in his offices after I showed him a Tom Peters video clip. Advanced the onboard MILSTAR networking bandwidth protocols by recommending some low cost design improvements. The design improvements reduced bird power and weigth requirements significantly which reduced operational and launch costs significantly too. What can I say? I am a genius and all the low IQ idiots in the Universe just wished they had a fraction of my IQ (i.e. Bush jr, Bill Clinton, O'Bama, Bush Sr, Jimmy Carter, et al). Without my involvement nor my compensation, Phil Condit years later was made Boeing CEO and was involved in merging Boeing<>Hughes satcom for the purposes of exploiting my IQ prescience amongst other purposes. We now know that Boeing<>Hughes are heavily penetrated by 'false patriot' pro-Israel-Zionists trying to use our treasury, trying to use our semblance of American Patriotism, and trying to use our advanced R&D to develop 'remote control' population controls so that 'Israel' can rule the world after we are bankrupted and nuked by their 'puppets' pretending to be our American 'leaders'. But when I was buried in his division then, I did receive one meritorious pay increase related to my other Central Engineering Meritocracy related performance. My second of two meritorious pay increases. I never sold a 'secret' to any foreign government and I never knowingly involved myself with foreign powers trying to kill us. But our American 'leaders' seem in a big hurry with their phony Kenyan 'puppet' and phony Israel zionists, to bankrupt us and nuke us as fast as they can so that they can secede over to 'Israel' and become lifetime criminal state 'protected'.....

PS: Phil Condit and his secretary, Ms. White, after coordinating with the Japanese (many of which believe they are "jewish" and have the right to nuke us gentiles here in America upon behalf of "Israel"), were removed from the Boeing Chairmanship slot sometime ago where an old axiom I developed long ago comes to mind {i.e. Trust on the one that brung ya to the dance: It was my IQ, not the Japanese "jews" that got Phil Condit "noticed", he failed to reward me and joined a long list of Yakuzza "...tough guy claim 'jews'...." that lost their heads to my God Father, George Washington, our 'eternal' king ..... }.


Here's a variation on the sage advice (i.e. "...trust no one....") given by Buck Buchanan Duke to Christopher Reeve's and to my actual DNA grand-mother, Doris Duke:


"Trust On One", or "E pluribus unum"




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