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Below are samples of construction engineering tasks that I completed for our TRUST.

#1 Sample is a Handy Cam video of a computer screen within which I use the Revit 3D tool to show the structure of a sample project. This fully rendered and aesthetically pleasing structure was not actually built, but the model served as a useful "What If" scenario to try and iterate towards a final design that incorporated the Pyramid shape:

#2 Sample consists of a series of 3D snapshots of a very large 4,000 square foot structure that we were analyzing upon a ~1acre parcel. It was designed using the Pyramid Shape as can be noticed with the concrete casements used to encase the roof supports. The rendering of facades traditionally seen in architectural presentations was not done in these presentations. What I wanted to see in this series was the internal structural engineering. Not the finished surfaces. In some of the zoomed in snapshots, you may actually be able to discern the 3D Simpson Strong Tie mounting brackets. Every part in this drawing was made as a 3D part and stored in a central library. As the structure was built up, all of the 3D parts are shown which gives the designer an idea of structural conflicts, omissions, and congested areas. The design really looks much better in the 3D Revit CAD software IDE, but this will help you evaluate my design techniques using this very sophisticated project engineering software CAD tool. Call this series of views to be those of the unfinished pyramid:

#3 Sample is video of the computer as the computer shows a very large *.avi output file created by Revit during an export session with one of the 3D walk through Simulations. I did this to allow my voice to be videotaped as I narrated portions of the 3D walk through session. Use your browser control buttons to pause this video at anytime during the walk through. It took the computer nearly 27 hours using a 3giga hertz processor to compute the graphical rendering for this very short, 30 second or so, 3D walk through. The reason for the length of time was because each and every 3D part in the CAD design had to be individually rendered in relationship to thousands of other 3D parts. All of which had to be computed in their correct geometric relationship to each other, relative to the camera during walk through., and computed correctly relative to the external simulated sunlight. This Revit 3D CAD software is a real productivity enhancer for architects and engineers because it allows quality assurance walk through inspections such as this to look for hidden bloopers or design errors that simply were missed during the traditional 2D elevation, 2D plan, and 2D sectional inspections:
1.18.60_Walk 2 Ground Floor To Stairs short.wmv

#4 Sample is an exported rendering using the *.avi file format. You'll have to download it first then play it inside your media application of choice using the *.avi file setting. This was a walk through tour of the same 3D Pyramid structure above, but the entire rendered video comes directly from Revit CAD and is not a handycam videotape of a computer simulated walk through as is the above sample. It took about 4 hours to render the 3D graphics used in this walk through and the file size is about 100Mbytes :
1.18.60_Walk 2 Ground Floor To Stairs short.avi

These samples should acquaint you with my level of expertise in sophisticated Computer Aided Design using expensive Autodesk, Revit 3-D Architectural/Structural Software....







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