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#1 Sample is a Macromedia Flash 8.0 Application using action scripting software to provide a rich graphical user interface during an online video tour of a sample real estate item for sale:

DISCUSSION of Sample #1:

There are over 62 separate Scenes inside this FLASH application. Some of them have extensive interactive Scene->Frame action scripting software that provide the user with a really fast, graphically rich, point-and-click experience. Multiple menus take the viewer through a computer aided design plan view of the house for sale. The 2-D plan view is drawn to almost perfect scale using AutoDesk Revit 6.1 3-D CAD Architectural Software. Before my trustor died, plans were intended to 3-D render the entire house with Revit 6.1 CAD to allow a 3-D graphical "virtual tour" walk through. But until then, interactive online videos were taken, captured, edited, and uploaded to the server to allow over 150 separate video clips [at various DSL speeds] to be streamed from the server to the client browser running this application. Only the large Master Bedroom, the Garage, and the outside areas need to be video taped, edited, and uploaded to the server handling this extensive FLASH application.

Because so many online videos were to be used, it was not practical to embed them inside the FLASH application itself because this would have made the *.SWF file associated with the Flash *.html file, enormously large and slow to download from the server. Many users simply would not have the patience to wait. Instead, streaming links were made to the extensive video clip library loaded on the server so that only the FLASH application object itself, needed to be downloaded initially to the user's browser. Naturally, extensive FLASH action scripting source code had to be written to manage all of this user interactivity.

END of DISCUSSION of Sample #1



These samples should acquaint you with my level of expertise in Information Technology, graphical user interface [GUI] lifecycle issues. I chose FLASH because it provided the best GUI interface for IT production and distribution of information upon end user browsers.







I design for Rich Graphical User Interface experience.

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