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Photographic ID for me, Larry Leroy Wolfe

I Am the Web Master of this and one other web site (

I have never applied for a life insurance policy naming anybody as my beneficiary. I never intend to apply for a life insurance policy naming anybody as my beneficiary. Any instruments created fictionalizing this sort of a transaction seemingly authorized by me even if done cleverly with the presence of my older identical twin brother, Christopher Reeve, pretending to be me, are forgeries.

I have never married.

I have never entered into any kind of "domestic partnership" or "domestic civil union" with anybody (male, female, or trans gender).

Nobody has my power of attorney. I have never signed a Medical Durable Power of Attorney and recognize that if such a "legal instrument" was created, it was created by professional kidnappers and crooked politicians desirous of pretending to "legally" administrate a wealthy person's money and assets without his/her permission.

I have never produced any children.

I have never adopted nor asked for custody of any children.

Nobody represents me as my "helper", nor as my "assistant".

People that I was raised alongside claiming to be my "family", I reject entirely and wholly without regret and do not desire that they ever inherit anything established for me in my childhood trust.

Anybody forging a "will" claiming that I named them as my beneficiary, lie.

I have never had medical procedures conducted upon me in the State of Nevada. Except on ~Sep 2003 when I did have my eyes examined by a negro Dr. Taylor and his chinese looking aide. My eye parameters were stolen by a Ms. White woman who lied to me and claimed that she was merely measuring the distance from my eyeball to my nose bridge for adjusting my trifocal lenses in their brass frames. I have never been admitted for medical care in the past twenty years at any medical facility on this planet.

Anybody falsely representing themselves as my "partner", or as my "wife", or as my "domestic civil union" companion are doing so merely as a con game identity theft.

Effective Feb 29, 2008, as per Judge Hardcastle's Civil Court Order, Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, I, Larry Leroy Wolfe, am the "successor trustee" for the "Darlene Bolko Living Trust".

My left hand and right hand fingerprints (all ten finger digits!) are inked upon the 1041 IRS Form, 2008, notarized by a US Bank Notary. They can be compared with these online fingerprints for me. JP Morgan Chase Bank as agent for the IRS in Charlotte, North Carolina, not very far where most of my Bank of America Trust proceeds are managed, was notified by fingerprint authenticated US Post Office Return Receipt requested certified mailing in Oct 06, 2010 (Side01 and Side02 of notification) that my 1041 IRS Tax Filing for the Darlene Bolko Living Trust (2009) was being routed through them due to irregularities in the IRS/US Treasury out in the Western US Branch Offices of the IRS (Texas & California).

Because I am heir to a rather large trust registered inside the US Treasury, for George Washington and his successor, my Left Thumb Print & my Right Thumb print authenticated, certified mail, return receipt requested, for IRS Form 4868 (for me, Larry Leroy Wolfe, Individually) and for IRS Form 4868 (for the Darlene Bolko Living Trust, Larry L. Wolfe, Successor Trustee) have been sent to the US Department of Treasury as of 12 April 2010. All attempts by usurpers to try to infiltrate themselves into my US Military Identity, since my initials were chosen to be LW to encode Lawrence Washington by use of the codename I was given at birth, have failed.

There is no ambiguity as to who I am. My fingerprints are in US Navy, DoD Files, and inside FBI Files for ex-US Servicemen. I served in the US Navy as Larry Leroy Wolfe and these fingerprints hereby notify all who I Am.

Except for this one and for, I have never created any other web sites not properly identified as being created by me.

I do not smoke. I do not gamble. I do not drink. I never gamble online using the internet, although identity thieves have tried to foist themselves as me trying to do this themselves.

I have never been arrested. I have never been given a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol.

I have never created any social networking profile (such as Facebook and etc) and if any exist, it was created by others without my permission.

If any counterfeit web masters falsely indicate that they created one using my easy to acquire public information, then they did so to try to frame me with their malfeasance. I have been the victim of identity thieves trying to open bank accounts in my name, or creating credit/debit cards in my name, and etc. I have never been arrested nor jailed. I have never been traffic ticketed while Driving Under Influence (DUI) of alcohol, or any other mood/mind altering substance. I do not drink. I do not use drugs. I do not sell drugs nor do I sell alcohol. I do not smoke tobacco products nor do I sell tobacco products.

You can acquaint yourself with my lifetime accomplishments by going to my custom Web Master Greeting Page.

Since my Larry Leroy Wolfe facial biometrics almost identically match those of the Superman actor, six(6)foot, four(4)inches tall, Christopher Reeve, I can safely assert textually that neither myself, six(6)foot, two(2)inches tall, Larry Leroy Wolfe, nor Christopher Reeve who was reported to have been six(6)foot, four(4)inches tall in his past life, resemble Brian Keith Wolfe in any manner whatsoever. But to ensure that my six(6)foot, two(2)inches tall, Larry Leroy Wolfe facial biometrics are readily available for public inspection to verify my almost identical twin look-alike resemblance to six(6)foot, four(4)inches tall, Christopher Reeve, I have taken the time to prepare these online photographic records for public inspection showing me, six(6)foot, two(2)inches tall, Larry Leroy Wolfe, via my many photographic Identity Cards issued to me over the decades. I served in the US Military. I have an approximate 10inch scar on my right knee due to Dr. Zuckerman's reconstructive knee surgery performed on me in 1972 era when I damaged my right knee playing Hawthorne High School, California, baseball activities during PE. This reconstructive knee surgery scarring was noted on my US naval medical records. I discovered in 2008 that Brian Keith Wolfe attempted to "mimic" my US Naval Medical records by similarly having his right knee surgically scarred to try to match my biometrics.

I played tournament chess in the Mediterranean 6'th fleet for Captain Kohn onboard the USS Forrestal, based out of Mayport, Florida, back in the 1970's who is now running around the Pacific as Admiral Kohn. Mormon, Ensign Mike Smith, was my QA AIMD USS Forrestal Division Officer at the time Chief John Meyer was his underling and my Chief in charge of QA when I was in AIMD when USN Captain Kohn had Commander Wiggins as his AIMD Officer. AIMD, within which I was a VS-30, S3 Viking Squadron CAG Air Wing Tenant Squadron attachee to AIMD, was where I was temporarily assigned duty, subordinated. Then USN Captain Kohn signed USN paperwork with Chief Meyer and with Commander Wiggins acknowledging my activities therein AIMD therein QA.

I enlisted into the US Navy Carson City, California, offices while then living with my step-father, Frank Bolko, and with his wife (my trustor) Darlene Hafterson [Wolfe-Bolko] at 760 W. Lomita Blvd, Harbor City, Ca., after taking a year off from High School. I was not ready for college and wanted to expand my teenager scuba diving experiences in the US Navy Seals. As it turned out, my IQ was rated higher than most US Navy enlistees and the negro recruiter that got lucky enough to have me in as a "walk in" quickly talked me into a six year Advanced First Term Avionics Enlistment telling me that the US Navy Seals would train me AFTER I went to San Diego Boot Camp. Well, that never happened, obviously. But this photograph of me in June 1973 in my Hawthorne High School Graduation Gown, did happen.

June_1973_Hawthorne_High_School_Graduation The High School Mascot is the Mountain Lion, or Cougar.

The people in this photo with me will never be forgotten by me. By their smiles here they clearly loved me very much, as I loved them. Magnification of this photo will show scarring on my left pinky which I injured while riding a motorcycle. Magnification of this photo will show my right thumb nail which I injured when smashing it in a window sill accident, later witnessed by my 6'th grade Trinity Lutheran Day School teacher, Inglewood, California, Mrs. Birch, when the injured thumbnail ruptured during her class session (I was sitting in front of her desk when the blood trapped beneath the thumbnail splurged out as I fidgeted with my hurt thumbnail....she motioned me with her eyes to go over to the sink in the classroom to wash the injured right thumb)

Viola Burke shown on left (my right), Delores Hafterson shown on right (my left).

Here's a digitized copy of my 13 June 1973 Hawthorne High School Transcript showing Senior Year High School Photo with the same long hair as in the above photo.
The "Work Exp 2H" entries in my senior year (1972-1973) for fall (1972) and for winter (1973) are for my work experience as a Lucky Stores Supermarket box boy. I was promoted to checker when I found a $5 bill on the floor and turned it into the Mexican Assistant Store Manager (in retrospect, it now appears he intentionally left it on the floor to find it and test me. I passed.).

Note the above signature of Hawthorne High School Principal: SS Key.
The US Navy uses the Silent Service (SS) to identify key players involved in USS George Washington nuclear powered submarine warfare. I am "e pluribus unum", so the silent service key to the mystery of power and power projection in America First, stems from its association to George Washington. Not from its association to anybody else pretending to be me, Larry Wolfe, the lifelong US Navy Sailor.

Here is my Larry Leroy Wolfe currently valid Nevada Driver's License which shows my residential address:



Here is my former, now expired, Larry Leroy Wolfe Professional Association of Diving Instructors [P.A.D.I.] photo ID:


Here is my former, now expired, Larry Leroy Wolfe Florida Driver's License:


Here is my Larry Leroy Wolfe former US Navy Armed Service Identity Card, also now expired (front):


Here is my Larry Leroy Wolfe former US Navy Armed Service Identity Card, also now expired (back):



Here are a few photos of me in US Navy Uniform. I was an E-6 Petty Officer and EVERYBODY knew I looked almost exactly like my twin older brother, Christopher Reeve.

See here for backside notes on this 19791225 photo in Marseilles, France


On "space a" availability flight aboard a P3-Orion from NAS Jacksonville, Florida, to NAS North Island, San Diego, California, while still in USN Reserves.
Visiting Frank Bolko at his trailer in Harbor City, California, where I earlier enlisted into the USN in summer 1974. Note the old picture behind us. I still have this picture today at my residence in Las Vegas.

Notes on backside of this photo found here.


Shown below is a photo of me while on Shore Leave when the USS Forrestal (CV-59) ported in Athens, Greece. I still have this very same plaid turtleneck shirt today in Las Vegas to prove that I am who I am. Neither Christopher Reeve nor Brian Wolfe ever served in the US Navy Sixth Fleet. I did.


Here are some contact sheet photos I took in 1981 with one of my favorite scuba diving students (Robin Roberts).

This 1981 photo shoot was taken at my Jacksonville University college apartment complex, Rivers Edge Apartments
(5350 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, Florida).
Note the Matthews Bridge in the background. The model met me in a Florida Junior College Emergency Medical Technician training class that I and Registered Nurse, Jan Green, attended in 1980. After we all completed the EMT training, Robin wanted to learn how to become a scuba diver too. She styled my hair in the wind blown look while part time modeling ( i.e. "miming") at nearby Regency Center Mall on the Arlington Expressway (now part of the Dames Point Bridge freeway interconnection.).

Here is a full picture of Robin Roberts and myself.

The Rivers Edge Apartment complex was apparently bought by some real estate developer and replaced with newer structures and services. I moved out of this River Sedge Apartment complex in ~Sep 1983 to become a full time resident student with Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida (FIT). FIT and JU had been participating in a dual-degree program, but split up in summer 1983 simultaneously with the 29 Aug 1983 Will Lummis "settlement" of the Howard Hughes' Probate in Texas and in California.

After graduating, I was recruited to work for Dr. Gary Mather in his Applied Science Center (ASC) "practice" at Booz, Allen, and Hamilton in the Crystal City 2 offices in Alexandria, Virginia, located just behind the old Watergate complex where much of these 1972 Howard Hughes shenanigans began with the sale on Chris Reeve's twentieth birthday, 25 Sep 1972, of the Hughes Tool Company.

Here is my Larry Leroy Wolfe security photo ID issued by my employer in Washington DC,
Booz, Allen, and Hamilton back around August 1984'ish (I performed military work for NavAirSysCom and for USAF subjects)

Here is a companion Employee Business Card from Booz, Allen, and Hamilton:




Here is my Nov 25, 1985 first US Passport:

Note the yellow wind breaker. I bought this while on late 1970's shore leave in the US Navy. I bought it in Athens, Greece. It is emblazoned with this famous locale:


I still have this wind breaker today.
I was told when I joined Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company on 15 Nov 1985 that I would need my US Passport so that BCAC could fly me to remote Boeing Customer sites to train their airline students. Eventually, I was flown to Royal Dutch KLM Airlines in 1986. And I used this passport. This US Passport was obtained in Seattle while President Ronald Reagan was still the US President .

I had to get this Seattle Passport in 25 Nov 1985 because Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company (BCAC) asked me to do so. I worked at BCAC.

Shown below is a photograph with me as the Instructor at Maintenance Training, BCAC Seattle, with a 1986 class of United Airlines Students.

I'm in front, kneeling, wearing my gray suit. I still have this suit today at my Las Vegas Residence which was bought in April 2000 from a negro named Charles Harris partnered to Lora Lyles.

Remember United Airlines Flight 93 on 9-11, (2001) with ex-Fort Myers, Florida, police woman, negro Cee Cee Lyles onboard that flight during it's supposed "hijack" and supposed "suicide"? You guessed it, the two are related. Each of the two twin towers destroyed on 9-11 (2001) iconically symbolized the combined wealth of each of the two wealthiest identical twins on earth: Chris Reeve and me, Larry Wolfe. Some refer to us as the "gold dust twins".....More humorous tv advertisements use one oversized "gold fish" slam dunk slamming a basketball thru the basketball hoop in front of doubting gold fish.....So I am in a "gold fish bowl" here in Las Vegas and everybody knows I'm one of the richest "marks" in the world.....Come one, come all, let's see who can frame the "rich mark" and send him to jail so his trustees can pretend to be looking out for his welfare (laughing all the way to the bank, flying in lear jets, hiring batteries of trust lawyers to 'legally' refuse to disburse my trust proceeds to me, etc).

I can still fit into this suit today. And very soon, when vested, the 30 April 1789 to 30 April 2011, 222 year George Washington's ID supertrust will buy me another suit.

Here is my March 22, 2004 second US Passport (first one expired):


Here is my August 2, 2007 third US Passport (my second one was stolen and reported as such to US Passport offices (DS-64 Pg01, Pg 02)
and then the thieves kept the money and kept some CLIFFORD HEFFNER ACCOUNTANTS July 11, 1980 dated important
papers. But after replicating the information for usage in later identity thefting scams,
they later threw back the photo ID portions of my wallet [drivers license, credit cards, Passport, etc.]
back over the rear fence of my house at 5717 Wandering Ivy Street never expecting me to obtain replacement ID


Leaner and meaner, the wisdom is concealed behind the feint smile. A Lion always finishes dinner last when the rats scram.....