System Requirements Page


Because DJB Contractors provides high quality software interactive products to wealthy clients, most of the web pages you are viewing on our site require maximum system requirements. DJB Contractors adopts the default premise that ALL web users visiting our site can afford these advanced system requirements.

IF you cannot afford the below system requirements, THEN you cannot afford to buy the products or services that DJB Contractors originates.

Fortunately, many of these advanced system resources are no longer as expensive as they were years ago.


Obtain a Computer with the fastest clock speed possible. 3GHz, or better.

Ensure that the maximum amount of System Memory is installed. 1GigaByte, or better.


Internet Connection Speed:

Let's face it, dial-up modem is just not going to work with interactive video presentations. Period.

Use either DSL from your phone company or use DSL from your cable company.



Browser and Plug Ins:

Use FireFox 3.0 or better. You can download a copy of it for free by following-this-link-to-Firefox

Use Adobe-Macromedia Flash 7.0, or greater. You can obtain a free download of the most recent version of Adobe-MacroMedia's Flash engine.

It is required for many of the videographic, interactive infomercials that we produce.



DJB Contractors is not affiliated with any of the following entities: Firefox, Adobe-Macromedia

While DJB Contractors does use their products and/or services, we are not endorsing them. Nor do they endorse us.

This page of System Requirements is provided to you as a guide only. Whether you download or hire any of the above to provide "free-service" or "fee-for-service" transactions for you is entirely your business. DJB Contractors will not be liable, nor responsible, for any damages done to you or your computing platform/s as a result of your decision to obtain the services from any, or all, of the following entities: FireFox, Adobe-Macromedia. However, to date, we believe them to be free of defects and that is why we use them. You can make your own decisions about their usefulness to you.


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