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We do not share any of our data with anybody unless as delineated in any, of many, written contracts between DJB Contractors and between relevant Licensed Contractors and/or Service Providers that we hire to perform services for us.

Unsolicited visitors, or visitors responding to Real Estate Web based Infomercials are expected to read this privacy policy.

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DISCLAIMER NOTICE: DJB Contractors is not affiliated with this Web Hosting Service Provider except as they delineate to us in their Business agreement with us for Web Hosting Services. No intention is implied by DJB Contractors that our Web Hosting Service Provider endorses us. Nor does DJB Contractors endorse our Web Host Service Provider. The purpose of this link is to make available to our paying members and to our internet users the PRIVACY POLICY that our Web Host Service Provider displays on its own Web site. Information provided to DJB Contractors, whether from a paying member, or whether from a responding member, transits through the servers used by this Web Host Provider. DJB Contractors cannot be responsible for information loss, information compromise, information tampering, information misuse (including, but not limited to, stolen credit card information), or information garbling as a result of actions or events conducted by the owners of, or the affiliates connected with (including the entire world-wide-web), our Web Hosting Provider. We believe that they try to do their very best to maintain the privacy of data resident upon their servers or transiting through their servers. But we cannot guarantee this and we will not be responsible for any aberrations (whether such aberrations of service are intentional man-induced-acts, or whether such aberrations are "machine-related" acts, or whether such aberrations are deemed to be acts of God) resulting from their day-to-day operations (whether forseen, or whether not forseen).

Read their PRIVACY POLICY and use our services upon their Web Hosting Servers at your own risk because the service we offer is

"as is!"


Web Host Privacy Policy web site

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