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We build things to last a long time....

Whether it is hardware or whether it is software, our designers have longevity in mind....





From the brick and mortar foundations in construction, to the highest pinnacle in software endeavors, DJB Contractors strives to anticipate engineering exceptions to mainstream reality. Where possible, we design our systems for fault tolerance. It matters not if the structure is designed in an environment that has seismic, cyclonic, or vortex active regions, nor does it matter if the structure is designed for software applications in an environment where viruses, hackers, and intellectual thieves thrive. Using intellectual discipline, our design-build team erects the finest structures by using the most modern tools and by using very advanced automation processes. We build things to last a long time because they are valuable to us.......


The trustor for DJB Contractors, has died. She bequeathed in TRUST that all of her Corporate and Non-Corporate Business related activity in DJB Contractors, whether incorporated or not, to be bequeathed to me Larry Leroy Wolfe. Her TRUST is out of civil court probate which was filed by Jeffrey Burr and Associates on behalf of their client, DELANO HAFTERSON, in Commissioner Biggar's probate civil court on or about July 24, 2007 and which was litigated, continuously, by Larry Leroy Wolfe against Jeffrey Burr and Associates using the law firm of Trent, Tyrell, and Phillips, lawyer Christopher Phillips, upon the recommendation of that law firm by Commissioner Biggar's offices in late April 2007 to me, Larry Leroy Wolfe.

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Larry Leroy Wolfe was the designer of all of this website and other website's used by DJB Contractors through the years.

Effective Feb 29, 2008, as per Judge Hardcastle's Civil Court Order, I, Larry Leroy Wolfe, am the "successor trustee" for the "Darlene Bolko Living Trust". My fingerprints (all ten finger digits!) can be found here. There is no ambiguity as to who I am. My fingerprints are in US Navy, DoD Files, and inside FBI Files for ex-US Servicemen. I served in the US Navy as Larry Leroy Wolfe and these fingerprints hereby notify all who I Am.


More detailed Information about Larry Leroy Wolfe can be found here for this Senior Electrical Engineer => Webmaster Greeting

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